Currently Reading; January Update.

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Finally! An update on the Currently Reading January Issue. I hope you’re as excited as I am for the reviews. The decision to review the two novels opted for this month’s reads is as a result of the pleasant reading experience for the most part. Albeit one more than the other. Only the reviews can tell, I’ll let you decide on which ;).

This month’s reads were solely picked at random. I had little to no idea what I was getting myself into. I reached a conclusion based on the covers and titles. With no apprehension of a synopsis. Neither did I check for reviews nor summaries till I read at least one-third of each novel. As a result, the odd similarity between the two completely unrelated novels is a feature I find striking. Trying as much as I can not to essentially make this blog update an overall review. Above all, the striking feature worth mentioning that relates the two novels at opposite extremes in prose, plot and genre is the disturbingly toxic relationship among the characters of both novels. One more than the other.

If you joined us on the Currently Reading; January Issue, don’t hesitate to update us on your current reading progress in the comments section below. Also check out the reviews in the links below if need be (They are spoiler free).

For the rest of us that have read (most especially those that have been anticipating my reviews) and are ready to discuss, we’d love for you to comment, rate and share ! 😀

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4 thoughts on “Currently Reading; January Update.”

  1. How exciting 😃
    I’m not done reading either of the two but I’m so curious to read your reviews.

  2. Received an email update and I had to quickly rush to the site. Everything looks great. Good job 👏🏼

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