Currently Reading Issue; March Reads

Currently Reading; March Reads


Published: January 9th 2018.
Author: Leïla Slimani, Sam Taylor (Translator)
Genres: Fiction, Mystery, Thriller.
Publisher: Penguin Books.
Pages: 228.
ISBN: 9780143132172.


Published: February 14th 2012.
Author: Sophie Kinsella
Genres: Romantic Comedy, Contemporary, Women’s Fiction; Chick Lit.
Publisher: The Dial Press.
Pages: 433.
ISBN: 0385342063.

The Perfect Nanny

Started the month of March with the compulsively readable mystery thriller that is THE PERFECT NANNY. Also known as Lullaby and originally written in French. This novel brings to light modern-day parenting, racism, class system, marital rivalry, loneliness and many other important and relevant issues. Inspired by the real life murder of the Krim Siblings, The Perfect Nanny paints the picture of a seemingly perfect nanny who neglects her own life to live vicariously through the lives of a busy young couple with two children. This intense and riveting novel is very character focused, it is less of a thriller and more of a character study. 

Firstly, the writing is smooth and compelling with one omniscient narrator telling the story in a slowly reveling and hypnotic manner. This made the novel incredibly engaging for me. It opens with an unsettling and disturbing scene of violence depicting the death of two young children at the hands of their nanny (this is the outcome). Since we know who, the driving force of this character driven read is WHY. I read the entire novel knowing something terrible is coming. However, albeit a tragic story written beautifully, the enigmatic ending was dissatisfying. This novel for me was NOT disappointing but it was definitely unsatisfying. There was no plausible and comprehensible connection between the very beginning and the ending. This is a note-worthy frustrating fact you should have in mind before getting into this novel. 

Secondly, albeit character driven rather than plot moving, The Perfect Nanny lacks strong character work. Don’t get me wrong, the characters were fascinating enough but they came off as flat and unremarkable in a way that made me feel like I was watching them from a distance rather than being part of the story.

Lastly, it is not uncommon for mystery thrillers to be written or ended in ambiguity. So it is no surprise the author leaves us readers to draw conclusions having not been given enough reasons to justify the horrors. Subject to opinion, I think it is a factor that makes this extremely disquieting novel even more haunting. 

I've Got Your Number

Certainly after reading a strange and dark novel, I had to pick an entertaining light hearted read to shake it off. I’VE GOT YOUR NUMBER is one hell of a chick lit. Having read a lot of convincing reviews on it. I expected to laugh out loud like everyone else did (my sense of humor is A+, I’m not the problem here). The crux of the ridiculous and unbelievable storyline has to be the quirkiness of the very annoying yet lovable female protagonist, Poppy. This novel is definitely a humorous one, I did not expect much however I enjoyed it.

Firstly, nothing about the storyline stands out, it is utterly predictable. Poppy loses her engagement ring a week before her wedding then gets mugged, meaning there’ll be no way to contact her if the ring is found. Luckily for her, she finds a working phone (this is where the male lead; Sam, comes in) and claims it as her own. Poppy is a nosy, meddlesome and irrational character, whereas Sam is the complete opposite of her. It is only expected that their encounters be hilarious. 

Starting from the beginning of this novel, It actually seemed a little silly to me, there were lots of eyerolls.  Some unlikely situations were exaggerated and painfully silly. It even got boring at some point. Writing and characterization was done well. The main characters seem really human, I consider charming and likable, but the secondary characters were superficial to me. I’d be lying if I say I’ve Got Your Number is a book I’ll pick up and read again. This clever and humorous light romance would definitely be entertaining as a movie! 

If you have read any of the two novels, don’t hesitate to share your thoughts with us in the comments section! 😀 Stay tuned for April’s reads and a new review. Don’t forget to comment, share and subscribe!

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